Our Process in Projects:

1. Developing a Team 

The first step is developing a team including your colleagues or managers and our analysts. Your colleagues should be informed about the History and the Vision of the company. Our analysts help the team to define: Where are you now? and Where are you wand to go?


2. Defining the Strategy

Our analysts conduct strategic sessions to define strategic directions. Next, the team will choose the best direction for the company. The strategy is encluded:


Brand Position
What relationship is there between you and your competitors?


Brand Personality
How should you act and behave with your audience?


Strategic Message
What messages should you focus on?


Brand Action
How should you act & behave with them?


Strategic Touchpoints
Where you will be seen?


Point of Parity
What kind of important characteristics do you have?


Point of Difference
Which one of your characteristics is more important?



3. Implementing

Our designers and copywriters will add to the project to implement the strategy. They will transform the strategy into your visual and verbal identity and your behavior.


Design Strategy
How should your business seem?

Verbal Identity
Name, Tagline, Slogan, Writing style in the official context and in social media


Visual Identity
Logo Design, Color Ratios, Design Styles, Moodboards


Detail Designs
Designing All Touchpoints For Ever


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What is Design Strategy?

The goal of Design Strategy is to create some criteria which strategically determine which audience should be the main audience of your business from all of the audiences in your industry?
What is the most important feature of your company that needs to be emphasized?
Where is the secure position for your business in relation to other competitors?
What should be the brand personality?
What are the images that the brand should be presented with?
Where your brand should be in touch with its audiences?
What should be your advertising content?
Which name and logo would be suitable for this brand?
How products and subcategories of your business should be named?

Clock Model

Clock Model is our methodology to define how a business should seem.  We believe every clock has two separate parts. One is the clock engine that is hidden and the other is the design of the clock. The audience do not see the engine, if they see, they will not understand it much. The audience only see the design of the clock and judge it accordingly. “Clock Model” establish design strategies.